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BioCellular is utilziing advance methods to naturally allow the body to boost its natural ability to “self-heal” itself.

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The self healing powers of replacing the bodies natural healing cells allows for the best recovery.

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Cell regeneration is done through the proprietor BioCellular Therapy method to allow the body to “self-heal.”

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Regenerative medicine is to working more efficiently with our advanced stem cell therapy to re-engineer the human body.

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For those who are looking to get more out of their sex life. Get started today with BioCellular Therapies proprietary P™ shot and the O shot and give yourself that extra boost in your sexual health and wellness. No more need for pharmaceutical drugs, creams, or surgeries.
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Get back to your normal self. Utilizing advanced regenerative methods developed by BioCellular Therapies along with extensive industry experience, and longstanding relationships with leading physicians. Our methods have the highest patient success rate.
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Step back on the course with confidence. With BioCellular Therapies innovative process using the bodies ability to “self heal” itself; using the body’s natural T- Cells for tissue regenerative properties.
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Biocellular Therapies is revolutionizing anti-aging therapies in contouring and tightening your face, neck and body. The pursuit of youth and beauty has become easier with the Vivace RF Microneedling System only available at BioCellular Therapies.


BioCellular Therapies is comprised of group of Brevard’s Top Physicians from various medical fields and groups. We have chosen the best of the best in the area.

Dr. Mark Pinsky

Dr. Mark Pinsky

Health & Wellness

Dr. Brian Dowdell

Dr. Brian Dowdell

Spine & Orthopaedics

Dr. John Hermandofer

Dr. John Hermandofer

Hand & Orthopaedics

Dr. Benito Torres

Dr. Benito Torres

Pain Management


“Cynthia and Charles B. talk about their life-changing results cutting-edge stem cell research and treatment By Dr. Brian Dowdell at BioCellular Therapies.” – Space Coast Daily

“BioCellular Therapies patient Teresa D. and Dr. Brian Dowdell talk about the options that stem cell treatment provides over complex surgery and long rehabilitative periods.” – Space Coast Daily

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